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Store Vs. Doctor

Q: CBD is all ready in all the vape stores! "king vape" …Why make it a doctor thing? People are smart. They should not need a doctor to provide it? Large expense… Susan

A: Susan, thank you for your interest in our post!

Overall, the public is not very educated on the therapeutic benefits of CBD or how it can help alleviate their symptoms. They may not know or understand the importance of being able to trace the source of the product from seed to oil as well as knowing how the oil is extracted. CO2 extraction is one of the most common ways CBD is extracted from the hemp or cannabis plants. This method uses expensive equipment that adjusts temperature and pressure to extract the cannabinoids from the plant material, without damaging them. The other common method is to use solvents like ethanol or butane to extract the plant material. These solvents have to be burned off the final product which may damage the cannabinoids or terpenes in the process. There is also a risk that these solvents may not have burned off completely and could end up in your end product.

With no regulations when it comes to the distribution of CBD hemp-based products, you can never be sure what you are purchasing. This leaves consumers exposed to the side effects of impure hemp oil CBD. There are a lot of false claims made online by disreputable companies that have labels that do not match the product inside the bottle. Last year, a study found only 26 of 84 products researchers bought online contained the amount of CBD claimed on the label. Some didn't contain any CBD, while others were found to also have THC (chemical found in marijuana that gets you “high”).

In our office, we only offer researched and lab verified organic products. When researching for a reputable and high-quality CBD company, it is important to inquire about the product’s third-party test results. This way, you will be assured that you are getting a high-quality and safe product. Patients may be unsure of proper dosage and would like to have a doctor input on their symptoms as well as the treatment.

The CBD boom is real and it is here. It is unlikely that an employee in a vape store has been trained much about the human body or the significance of the symptoms that have you interested in CBD use. New research is coming out almost daily and incorporating CBD into your wellness routine under a doctor’s supervision can help navigate this new healthcare option in a healthy, responsible way.

As a side note, you do not have to be a patient to purchase any CBD products that are carried in our office. As far as expense goes, we are very competitively priced with the market whether in a doctor’s office or a v ape store. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of CBD and Dr. Misty recommended products, go to for more information.

Dr. Misty Green is a local Chiropractor serving the Cape Coral/North Fort Myers, Florida area for over 20 years. She can be reached at (239) 772-5777 to schedule an appointment. Check out our website at for short and sweet video health tips.

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