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Why Do We Need Cannabis Education Now?

As the Florida Medical Marijuana state program grows as well as the CBD market itself (following the 2018 Farm Bill passage), the need for educated physicians of all disciplines grows with it.  As of March 2023, as part of the State of Florida Medical Cannabis Program, there are roughly 790K Qualified Patients (Active ID Card) yet there were less than 3K physicians (officially) educated on its indications/contraindications of use or how to even recognize potential red flags disclosed by medical cannabis patients.
There is a long-overdue need for cannabis experts from accredited educational institutions, providing reliable evidence-based cannabis knowledge based in science, not hearsay.

Dr. Misty has been a cannabis patient advocate with emphasis on cannabis education for many years before pursuing her formal cannabis training through the University of Maryland, School of Pharmacy. In May 2022 she completed the first graduate level cannabis program in the country, obtaining her Masters of Science degree in Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics.
She has combined her decades of clinical practice with her fascination with all things cannabis to pivot into the cannabis space, helping bridge the gap between healthcare workers and much needed cannabis education through lectures and cannabis curriculum production. 

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Offering healthcare providers basic knowledge on the anatomy and physiology of the endocannabinoid system inside our body that produces and metabolizes its own endocannabinoids as well as how it processes CBD and other cannabinoids found in hemp/cannabis could help put us in front of the curve and close the educational gap we are currently experiencing.  New unregulated products hit the market almost weekly, containing hemp/CBD-derived-THC and it could be tempting to incorporate these “legal” products into a chiropractic practice but there are legal and ethical considerations required before that happens. There are a lot of gray areas in both the state cannabis program as well as the CBD market and having solid direction is a must for us docs before we unknowingly misstep.If your professional organization is interested in having Dr. Misty to present as a guest speaker discussing medical cannabis and its therapeutic applications, please contact us to discuss details.

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