STOP Cracking Your Neck!

Q: I constantly see my teenage grandson “crack his own neck” and it drives me crazy. I told him he should see a chiropractor but he said he can do it himself. What is your opinion? –Tasha, Bonita Springs

A: We all experience our joints cracking sometimes. If we're sitting too long and stand up and stretch, it's not unusual for built-up pressure in the spine to release a bit, causing that familiar popping. “Unforced” cracking that occurs from natural and gentle movements is not harmful. So if your neck is a bit stiff, you gently tilt your head from side to side, and your neck cracks? You can rest easy knowing that you have not done any damage.

Unfortunately, we have all seen them do it...they place one hand on the chin and one hand on the back of the head and jerk their neck around until it make s loud noises. Beware, though, forcing motion into your neck just to get a “cracking noise” can throw you right into the danger zone. The reason? When you use you