Q: I know I have poor posture after years of not watching how I stood when working retail. Do you have any tips for me that I can do to fix this long term problem? Jordan S., Cape Coral, FL

A: Yes Jordan, it is not easy to change our postures after many moons of letting it build on itself. The best thing you can do is to try to retrain how you sit and stand now. Here are some tips that may help you!

  1. When in a seated position, either in a car or office chair, your knees should be at an even height with your hip. If the knees are positioned above or below the hip joint which level, it can cause stress on the hips and pelvis.

  2. When seated, shoulders should be back, touching the back of the seat. Your ear and head should be positioned over top of the shoulders centrally. When you're seated, if your shoulders are not touching the back of your chair then you know you have got your head in the wrong position. Spot check yourself frequently. Forward head posture should be avoided because it pulls the cervical curve out of your neck overtime leading to migraines and upper back strain.