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Massage and Seniors

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Question: I was told that massage therapy can help with my chronic back pain. I have poor circulation and arthritis, as well as diabetes. Do you think massage therapy could help me? – Stacey P., Estero

Answer: As the population continues to age, it is important to consider ways that we can work to improve the lives of those affected by the passing of time. Senior citizens frequently become less physically active overall and increasingly experience a rise in aches and pains as they grow older. It is often difficult for senior citizens to accept their own physical limitations that make it difficult or even impossible to perform activities that they feel “defined them” in previous years. There may be physical restrictions preventing an active lifestyle such as arthritis, diabetes, or obesity, to name just a few. As these a result of these lifestyle changes due to health reasons, senior citizens often experience a rise in anxiety and depression, often causing feelings of isolation. Also, this lack of physical activity can lead to the onset of other conditions which, if not dealt with, can greatly reduce their quality of life.

Therapeutic massage can offer senior citizens a number of benefits that will greatly improve their sense of health and well being. One benefit of therapeutic massage is that it helps to increase strength and muscle coordination. This results in improved stability, which in turn helps to reduce the occurrence of injuries due to falls arising from loss of balance. In the case of arthritis sufferers, it can greatly assist in pain management and increasing range of motion. It also triggers natural joint lubrication, which is lacking in those suffering from arthritis.

Therapeutic massage can also greatly improve one's posture by reducing muscle tension, which has the added benefit of assisting seniors with a higher quality of rest. Disruption in normal sleep patterns, inability to sleep through the night and insomnia are common complaints among senior citizens. As we age, it is crucial to receive consistent, restorative sleep. Chronic lack of rest can have detrimental effects on mood, cognitive abilities, and immune system function.

Ideally, therapeutic massage should be performed on a weekly basis and are available in either 30 or 60 minute sessions. Medicare does not typically cover massage therapy but some secondary carriers will allow coverage. If you are interested in discovering the many health benefits provided through therapeutic massage, please contact our office to schedule an appointment with our licensed massage therapist.

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