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CBD Glossary

Q: I have seen a lot of news stories talking about CBD and the benefits that it has on the body but I do not really know how that works. I thought CBD came from the marijuana plant but supposedly it does not give you “high” feelings? - Ray T., Alva

A: Ray, CBD is a hot topic nowadays as far as conservative treatment alternatives for decreasing chronic inflammatory conditions. So many of today’s diseases, specifically the auto immune disease processes, are associated with some form of inflammation impacting the body. Arthritis, fibromyalgia, lupus, chronic musculoskeletal pain... they are all associated in some part with inflammation of the body’s tissues. What is inflammation? It is a defense mechanism in the body. The immune system recognizes damaged cells, irritants, and pathogens, and it begins the healing process. Let’s start with a glossary of terms:

Glossary of Terms

  • Cannabis: the genus of plant to which both marijuana and hemp belong.

  • Hemp: a cannabis plant that gives us CBD oil and contains less than 0.3 percent THC.

  • Marijuana: a cannabis plant bred for a high THC content (hallucinogen).

  • Cannibinoid: chemical compounds found in cannabis plants; there are more than 100 active cannabinoids in cannabis.

  • THC: a cannabinoid that has psychotropic effects (found in marijuana).

Now let’s talk about CBD. CBD oil is extracted from the leaf of the hemp plant. Now, hemp and marijuana are both cousins… part of the cannabis family of plants. If you extract the oil from a marijuana leaf, it will give you THC… A hallucinogen that causes the “buzzed” feeling after ingesting/consuming marijuana. If you extract the oil from the hemp leaf it will give you CBD which impacts inflammation but does not cause impairment or “high feeling”.

CBD impacts the receptors that are part of the body’s built in endocannabinoid system. This system involves many different receptors throughout the body that are activated by different components found within the cannabis plant. CBD directly impacts the receptors associated with inflammation (and indirectly impacts pain receptors) and once activated, it helps the body to naturally reduce the inflammatory processes that may be associated with certain conditions.

There are many different forms available if you are interested in implementing CBD oil as part of your health care routine. The most popular form is a bottle of oil that you take using a dropper or “tincture”, requiring you to put a few drops under the tongue to get absorbed into the bloodstream. This form can be difficult with dosage regulation as well as being potentially problematic at TSA due to liquid volume restrictions and/or misconception of the product. Also, it is important to research the product and look for an organic oil extraction process because it is a new and largely unregulated industry that can use harmful chemical agents to extract the CBD oil from the hemp plant.

As an alternative, our office offers an edible version of CBD in the form of gummy bears or gummy worms, depending on the dosage desired. They are very user friendly for regulating dosage and are convenient to take on the go…and did I mention they taste great? If you would like to learn more about CBD and how it can help you, just give our office a call and schedule a consultation or go to our website for more inflammation on our products and services utilizing CBD.

Dr. Misty Green is a local Chiropractor serving the Cape Coral/North Fort Myers, Florida area for over 20 years. She can be reached at (239) 772-5777 to schedule an appointment. Check out our website at for short and sweet video health tips.

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